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Saudi Crown & African Earth Investment (SC&AE Invest)


Investment Strategy 

Saudi Crown Holdings has formed a Joint Venture with African Earth Group, named SC&AE Investments. This is a diversified, London-based African Growth Fund. 

Our visionary approach invests across a diversified portfolio focused on long-term consistent returns whilst empowering African people. SC&AE Investments is focused on financing commercially viable projects that are sustainable and thus catalyse investment for private and public sector development. This is a pan-African fund investing in projects including: information and financial technology initiatives, social impact, financial sector, transportation, infrastructure, energy and natural resources, power production and transmission, utilities, food and agriculture, and commodity trading.

The African Earth journey began in 2008 with the Founders recognising a need for a conduit between African projects and international skill, structure and finance. The African Earth team has a strong track record in agriculture, infrastructure, commodities trading, fund management and investment.


The Vision

The SC & AE Investment vision is to create a large Pan-African Investment Growth Fund aiming to uplift the communities in which we operate.  SC & AE Investments is a global partner in Africa and is contributing towards Africa’s development.


The Mission:

Our mission is to derive value for all stakeholders and ensure that each enterprise is cost and price efficient. Each investment is underpinned by Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. By empowering African people, we support democracy, education and ‘institutional strengthening’.

This Joint Venture is a culmination of both parties’ visions and has a powerful mission in Africa. The result is a combined team with extensive experience and passion that will ensure success.

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