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Sheikh Ali Mohamed Alamri: ​Co-Founder, General Counsel & Compliance Officer (CCO)

Sheikh Ali Mohamed Alamri had graduated from King Khalid University with a First Class (Hons) and hold Master Degree of Shariah and Law.


He is an Attorney and legal consultant, with about 20 years of professional experience in Dispute Resolution (DR) and Intellectual Property (IP), he served as Arbitrator at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia, Senior Representative of the G.C.C Commercial Arbitration Centre (GCCCAC), Attorney at law / Al Rajhi Bank / Al-Jazeera bank – Saudi Arabia, and Adviser to the Ministry of the Interior. 

Sheikh Ali has initiated and structured complex major transactions, joint ventures, Islamic Financing and complex commercial, antitrust and IP disputes, including a major product liability claim.


Whilst it is rare in Saudi Arabia to find highly qualified attorneys to handle construction litigations due to their complexity, Sheikh Ali through his expertise in working in major construction companies has the abilities to provide top-notch national and regional construction  litigation assistance.

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