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About us

The Mission

Saudi Crown Holding ('SCH') is a Multifamily Office focused on identifying strategic European, American and emerging economies' potential partners to create long term partnerships in the form of Joint Ventures in the Kingdom.  SCH is creating the next generation of Saudi companies, and is building long-term sustainable value for the shareholders, as well as for the Kingdom, while supporting its citizenship and abiding by compliance principles.


Investment Strategy

We invest collectively with our JV partners, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and ultra high net worth individuals mostly from the Middle East and Asia.

The Structure 

The Corporate Structure and the International Strategic Framework of SCH is the impetus for establishing long term partnerships with the world’s leading companies.

A group of highly specialized companies has been assembled within co-investment partnership structures; the vast majority of SCH partners are Tier 1 international companies highly competent in the fields of infrastructural development, construction, power, water, renewable energy, and oil and gas, as well as information and other high technologies.

Role of Saudi Crown Holding

The role of SCH is to provide expertise, funding and business development capabilities to its current and future foreign partners which have superior Intellectual Property, are successful in their markets, and are looking for high growth opportunities in the Kingdo, the MENA region and elsewhere where there is cultural and diplomatic affinity.



A group of Senior Executives and Advisors each with no fewer than 20 years of experience in Chairman and CEO positions with senior operational roles in tier one international companies.

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